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Our Story

A small group of parents began meeting together in September of 2004 in Santa Barbara, California, united by a concern that significant changes were taking place in our society, particularly in the educational establishment. They discussed the need to develop Christian educational institutions that would better prepare students for higher education, and for becoming the leaders of society in the future.

As a result of their discussions, research, and observations in many schools, they formed a non-profit entity, the Alliance for Christian Education, now renamed the Providence Educational Foundation, in order to promote and develop exemplary schools throughout the United States and other locations around the world.

Even in the past few years there has been an explosion of interest in alternative education and alternative schools, and our directors believe the Providence Educational Foundation is a very effective means to support the development of these new approaches. Our schools emphasize rigorous academics, an appreciation for the historic Christian faith, and an understanding of the values which have served our society so well throughout our relatively short history.

More specifically, the Providence Educational Foundation (PEF), as started in the Santa Barbara area, fostered greater cooperation in accomplishing common tasks among the Christian schools which already exist. The PEF has sponsored workshops, seminars, a common school open house event for the Santa Barbara community, lectures on parenting and on youth culture, and discussions of ways to utilize common facilities and academic programs.

In addition, it identified the need for an effective and attractive new high school locally, which would emphasize this high quality and these distinctive values as an alternative to the existing private and public high schools in the area. This pilot school, Providence Hall, founded in 2007, very successfully modeled a school which incorporates all the values and goals of the original Alliance. In 2011, the school expanded to include a grades 7 and 8 middle school program. In 2013, the school merged with Santa Barbara Christian School to form Providence, SBCS, serving preschool – Grade 12, and in 2018 we merged with El Montecito School to form Providence School, enrolling 369 students in preschool – Grade 12.

Providence is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, and its athletic program is a member of CIF, the organization of high school athletic programs throughout Southern California. Its graduates have been admitted to many fine colleges and universities across the country. It has been named top school in Santa Barbara by readers of the Santa Barbara News-Press for five years running.

On a national level, the Providence Educational Foundation has always communicated its desire to support many more institutions of this kind. It offers to provide consultation for those interested in moving through the process that Providence Hall journeyed in the development of its own high school. It seeks to facilitate new means of communication between schools of this character throughout the country and, eventually, throughout the world. It is planning on holding meetings and conferences that will bring the leaders of new institutions from many parts of our country to consider together how we can more effectively meet the needs of American students now, and in the years ahead.

As Providence becomes more established, the PEF is seeking other parts of the country and institutions which can be assisted and supported in developing Christian institutions of the same character. We want to use our resources in many new and creative ways to enable a new generation of schools to provide a strong and healthy response to the rapidly changing needs of the youth culture within our country.

The PEF seeks to add people from all areas of our country to its membership, and its group of supporters, so that it can develop resources for all communities as they grapple with the urgent need for better all-around educational experiences for their children and young people.

The Board of Directors of the Providence Educational Foundation currently serve as the board for Providence School as well. This board is made up of experienced educators and other professionals, all dedicated to the highest standards of excellence in the developing and administatring high-quality schools.

Providence Education Foundation Mission

Who We Are

The Providence Educational Foundation serves and advances students of all races, genders, socio-economic levels, faiths and those with no faith through extraordinary academics and Christian education throughout our nation and around our world.

Our Mission

The mission of the Providence Educational Foundation is to support the development of innovative, high-quality, Christian education that facilitates intellectual, social, and spiritual growth.

Why Give to PEF

Your generous support provides educational opportunities for many deserving students throughout our country around the globe.

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