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International Schools

The Providence Educational Foundation has communicated its desire to support many more high-quality, Christian schools internationally. We are available to provide consultation for those interested in moving through the process that our pilot school, Providence, journeyed in the development of its own preschool through high school program. We seek to facilitate new means of communication between schools of this character throughout the country and,eventually, throughout the world.

As Providence becomes more established, we want to use our resources in many new and creative ways to enable a new generation of schools to provide a strong and healthy response to the rapidly changing needs of youth culture around the world. As a long-term goal, we plan to hold meetings and conferences that will bring the leaders of new institutions from many parts of the globe to consider together how we can more effectively meet the needs of students now, and in the years ahead. 

While Providence is the pilot school for the PEF, and the majority of our funds are directed to launching and supporting that school, we also have supported other Christian schools internationally. It is our goal to eventually share resources with many schools around the globe.

International schools benefitting from the Providence Educational Foundation:

Maison de Lumiere School, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Maison du Lumiere (The Lighthouse), a primary school, fills a real need in Haiti, where an education is a luxury most cannot afford. The expense of uniforms, books, and tuition are beyond the grasp of the average Haitian family. Haiti does not offer any public education. Currently, 48% of the country’s adult population is illiterate and 80% is unemployed. Without education, generational poverty and hopelessness continue. Through the support of many generous donors, Maison de Lumiere is able to provide students with a free, quality education in a Christ-centered environment. Of the 70 students, half are from Child Hope’s orphanage and the other half are from the impoverished Port-au-Prince neighborhood (many living in run down houses or tents). The children are learning French, Creole, English, math, science, history, computer, Bible, art, and music.  In addition to receiving an education, the students from the neighborhood also receive two meals every weekday.

In October of 2010, Maison de Lumiere School transitioned from being an American school taught in English, to a French Haitian School staffed by both Haitian and American teachers.  French is the official language of Haiti and, thus, the language of government and commerce. Every government exam, job application, and college class will be in French.  It is the school’s goal to prepare each student with educational, vocational, life, and spiritual skills needed for a successful Christian adult life, shining as “lights of Christ” in Haiti.

LEARN MOREwww.childhope.org

Other International Schools

Additional international schools are currently being examined for potential support by the PEF.


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